Varun Dhingra

Founder & CEO

Varun Dhingra: An Adaptable Leader at the Helm of Renous

Professional Excellence: With 22 years in the corporate world, Varun Dhingra stands at the forefront of Renous as its CEO, steering the company to become a beacon of trust in staffing for over 110 clients. His journey, rooted in his qualifications as a Chartered Accountant, is adorned with prestigious accolades such as the “40 Under 40” Investment Professionals, “Startup Catalyst of the Year,” and an “Industry Excellence Award,” highlighting his pivotal role in nurturing India’s startup ecosystem.

Networking and Impact: Varun founded The Renous Biome – A “members-only” CXO Club. His engagement in various prestigious clubs and chambers underscores his commitment to fostering a vibrant community of ideas and collaboration, propelling Renous and the broader business landscape forward.

Beyond the Boardroom: Varun’s contributions extend beyond corporate achievements. As a sought-after keynote speaker, he shares his insights across platforms, including corporate boards and educational institutions like IITs and B-Schools. Golf and reading occupy his leisure hours. Moreover, as the Chief Curator of #VDecodes, Varun leverages YouTube to share career advancement insights, benefiting a wide audience.

A Personal Touch: Varun’s life is a tapestry of diverse interests, from his love for movies and interactions with celebrities to a profound interest in astrophysics. His dream to visit the international space station shows his ambition reaches beyond business into space exploration.


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