Corporate training hacks for remote working

Employees are in constant need of corporate training. It’s a consistent activity that allows growth and nurturing. Few times a year, the company holds different kinds of training for each department to sharpen specific technical or soft skills that are required for the company to gain a competitive edge, improve productivity, and increase efficiency. Now that remote working is catching speed and the work-from-home lifestyle is the preferred choice for both, employees and employers, there’s no need for training to come to a halt. There are couple of ways for you to ensure that smooth corporate trainings can be incorporated into your new work model.

1. Invest in Good Technology

As a business, you’ll be saving expenses like office rent, utilities, and wireless internet when you transition into the remote working culture, which you can use to invest in better technology. The latest professional video recording systems have solutions that will help you upload high-quality pre-recorded presentations and meetings to a cloud that can be accessed by your employees from anywhere at any time. They have features like easy search, comment/feedback boxes, and access to other video training libraries, making it easy for the employees to be engaged.

2. 2-Way Communication

Since physically meeting in the office is slowly taking a backseat, it’s up to the employers to maintain the communication with all employees, especially the new ones. When you’re holding a training session, whether a live session or a pre-recording session, make sure to ask the employees for their feedback on the session. You could also have meetings once a month to understand the trainings they need. While you may know what trainings are required, there can be some suggestions that will help you create more effective training sessions.

3. Focus on Company Values and Culture

It’s always good to focus on individual growth, team development, and achieving company objectives. But it’s even better when all this is achieved by keeping the company culture at the epicentre. Whatever training session you’re conducting with the various departments, take some time to remind them what the company stands for. Also, if you have mentioned that the culture is all about transparency, appreciation, and communication, make sure that it reflects in the training sessions.

Through these effective remote training techniques, you will build a team that will mirror your attitude and represent your brand in the way you planned.

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