Fintech Booming: Is there enough talent available on the street?

Fintech, or  financial technology, is the growing kid on the block to takeover the spotlight. For a while now, all financial services are becoming more and more dependent on fintech. From wealth management to banking to the latest cryptocurrency apps, fintech is what is taking the entire Financial Services industry to the next level. According to CB insights, 41 VC-backed fintech startups have already become unicorns, thereby confirming that the demand for fintech services is on a steep rise.

At Renous, we understand the core skills required to bring your financial services seamlessly onto digital platforms. With a technologically advanced audience, it’s important to adapt to the industry trends to remain relevant. Here’s a look at the fintech talent you can tap into through us:

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

With disruption of technology, and data overload, it is the need of the hour for the right data to be scrutinized and interpreted. We assist our clients with providing right talent which can optimize and analyze the data-based solutions. This helps gain an insight into the needs of the right audience as well as scale up customer engagement.


The large amount of highly confidential and sensitive data requires a cybersecurity team that’s equipped with the knowledge to tackle all breeds of cybercriminals. With 30% increase in cybercrime, the cybersecurity needs to be one that is sophisticated and extremely effective.

Blockchain Technology

The outburst of the cryptocurrency era has led to the demand for blockchain technology. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and XRP have gained exponential value in recent times. The blockchain technology provides a system that enables democratization of data points.

Programming Skills

We excel in providing talent which is emerging tech-focused and possess innovation-powered programming skills. You can count on us to bring all your services online through high-performing and sophisticated talent in the domain of web and mobile applications. Our pool of highly skilled developers and software engineers are constantly upgrading their skills and our services.

With the demand-supply gap being wide when it comes to exceptional fintech skills, we aim to bridge that gap with our awareness of ongoing industry trends, a far-sighted approach, and the expertise of our proficient team of technical geniuses.

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