Does doing what you fear make you a better person than doing what you love?

People, in their personal and professional lives, are constantly in a puzzled state of mind when it comes to choices. We know that our time on earth is brief, and in that time we want to achieve many things we set our hearts on. But somewhere down the road, we begin to hold back. This happens because of a number of reasons – failures, prejudice, judgement, and the fear of the unknown.

Now, when it comes to risks and being bold, there’s a fine line between being brave and being foolish. If you’re going to do something you love, you go ahead and make it happen even if it’s scary. You plan, prepare, shut out all negative thoughts, take inspiration from those around you, and most importantly, learn to identify the people who have your best interests at heart. There are those who will criticize you only because they don’t want you to excel, and there are those who will give you constructive criticism because they genuinely want you to succeed. The latter are your real friends and you should keep them close.

On the other hand, if you are influenced easily and do what you fear only to prove a point to the world, it doesn’t make you a brave person, but foolish. Because, in this process, you’re not enjoying the journey, neither is the destination something that will satisfy you. It might give you a moment’s pleasure of gloating to the world that you’ve accomplished it, but it was never what you wanted in the first place.

So, when it comes to doing what you fear or doing what you love, always do what you love (even if that’s what you fear). Don’t, in any way, do what you fear if that’s not what you love. At the end of the day, there’s only one person who needs to be content – you!

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