How To Conduct Remote Onboarding Effectively

Recruitment may seem like an easy process, but in reality, finding the right candidate is a very meticulous and carefully structured process. Once you’ve ensured that the candidate is a good fit, aligned with the company’s vision and values, it will be ridiculous to lose that candidate over an onboarding process that’s ineffective. Now with remote working becoming the new norm for many businesses, HR departments have figured out how to get the paperwork in place digitally. However, it’s important to identify any other bottlenecks that could arise in your onboarding process. Let’s look at how you can improve your onboarding process for remote employees.

1. Warm Welcome

While onboarding may be about getting all the joining formalities in order, it’s primarily about welcoming the new team member. In person, this is easy. You can take them around the office, have everyone shout out a hello, and have a casual chat over coffee. However, for a remote hire, you only have the virtual space. Make sure that you are candid and warm over the video call, clear in your communication, and make it known that he/she is working with a team and not alone.

2. High Interaction

Ensure that the new employee has met their team members and reporting manager on the first day itself. The first few weeks are essential in building a strong rapport with the new recruit. Keep the interaction levels high and energetic so that they don’t begin to slack. Along with the team they are part of, you can engage them in virtual meetings with other teams as well in order to maintain interdepartmental camaraderie.

3. Set Expectations

Let them know what is expected of them, what exactly is the role they are handling, and who they have to coordinate with for various tasks. It’s easy to feel lost and confused while working remotely so it’s important for a clear set of protocols to be in place. This doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and strict. You can have a fun presentation with all the new recruits explaining the organisation structure, company vision and how it can be achieved together.

Onboarding is a very vital part of the employee journey since it’s pretty much the first impression you make on the employee. Motivation, retention, productivity and satisfaction will automatically fall in place when the employee feels welcome and included. By making these small adjustments to your virtual onboarding process, you’ll be setting a strong foundation for your company.

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